All Our Services are free of charge

Listening Ear

We can provide face-to-face one to one support with our listening ear service that is delivered by one of our trained facilitator’s. Our facilitators provide a non-judgemental and understanding environment for you discuss your mental health or that of a loved one’s which is completely confidential. Our team will allow you to speak in your own time and will provide advice and signposting to services where they feel it will be of benefit to yourself or your loved one. While we advise you to book your appointment, it is not essential that you do so, we have an open door policy and all are welcomed.

Mental Health Advocacy Service

Do you know that you are entitled to bring a Mental Health Advocate with you when you are attending appointments?

We have fully trained advocates that can advocate on your behalf should it be a phone call or a face-to-face appointment. Mental Health Advocates ensure that your voice is being heard and that your needs, wants and opinions are taken into consideration when trying to access mental health services.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Talks

Our mental health talks are developed and delivered at your convenience providing vital information on mental health issues and suicide prevention. We have successfully delivered these talks at a number of different locations such as schools, local businesses and pop up events. If you are interested in booking a mental health or suicide prevention talk please get in touch with us.

Enrichment Programs

We are constantly looking for tools to improve overall wellbeing, through this search we have delivered a number of enrichment programs alongside professional facilitators. These programs include; meditation, mindfulness, drama, photography, music as well as arts and crafts. These have proved to be of great benefit to those with mental health issues giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and ways of coping while meeting others who understand how they feel. If you think one of our enrichment programs would benefit you please check out our events schedule on the main page or our social media channels.

Mental Health Support Groups

Our mental health support groups provide a safe and comfortable setting for peer-to-peer support that is completely confidential. Its a great opportunity to gain advice and understanding from others who are having/or have experienced difficulty with their mental health. Our facilitators are also on had to provide further advice and signposting to relevant services where needed.

Online Support Group

We facilitate an online support group via Facebook, which is monitored by our amazing admin team. This is a closed group in which our members can openly discuss mental health and provide mutual support and understanding without the fear of judgement. If you would like to join our online support group click here

Daily Phone Call Service

We provide a daily phone call service for those that prefer support from the comfort of their own home. This is a listening ear service via the phone with one of our trained facilitators that will provide a non-judgemental and understanding listening ear.