Aims and Purposes

Me4mental is a voluntary non profit organisation set up to provide support to individuals with mental health issues and to make an impact on the rate of suicide in Derry/Londonderry and remove the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Objectives and Activities

The main activities and objectives of Me4mental are:

  • The advancement of mental health and hopefully the saving of lives by the provision of a drop-in centre that deals with mental health issues and providing help for individuals that find themselves in a mental health crisis aged eighteen or over, in Derry/Londonderry area.
  • The advancement of education of the general public throughout Derry/Londonderry of mental health issues and suicide and to remove the stigma around mental health.

We hope to achieve our aims by providing a number of services:

  • Mental Health Support Groups
  • Listening Ear Service – both face to face and over the phone
  • Mental Health Advocacy Service
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Online Mental Health Support Group
  • Step it up Project – Intervention for Suicide Prevention