Welcome to Me4Mental!

If you suffer from mental health or care for a loved one with mental health then you are in the right place! We are a Mental Health and suicide awareness charity based in Derry/Londonderry. Have a look at our range of services:

Me4Mental Support Groups are a great way to have an open discussion about Mental Health in a non-judgemental environment and meet those with similar experiences to share advice and support. This is a relaxed environment and our facilitators will ensure you have a voice.

Mental Health Listening Ear Service

Our trained volunteers provide a non-judgemental and understanding listening ear service for when you need someone to talk to. They can also provide advice on the Mental Health services available in the area. Drop in to our office or click the book an appointment button if you would like to speak to one of our team.

When suffering from Mental Health it can at times be difficult to speak to organisation about your mental health. Our Mental Health Advocacy Service can ensure that when you are meeting with organisations regarding your mental health that you have a voice.

Me4Teens is a mental health support group for teens run by teens. They provide peer support for mental health as well as delivering a number of programs which include Art, Music and sports. This is a non-judgemental and safe environment for teenagers to discuss their own mental health.

We provide a number of enrichment programs throughout the year. Our current program is our extremely popular Jam Session. Our Jam session allows you to relax for the evening and come together with like minded people to play, sing our just listen some amazing music. Everyone is welcome and it is a completely non-judgemental environment so you can completely relax.